Helping you grow with for your small business.

PXL Business is here to help you make your website and workflow work WITH your business rather than AGAINST it.

We help you achieve new levels of success by helping you grow your business more effectively.

Excellent Service

Responsive service and consistent attention to details means you can always count on when you need it.

Data Automation

Gone are the days of emailing your own files to places.

We help you "automate to eliminate" your repetitive tasks.

Problem Solving

'We don't just do, we think it through'.

We help you try to identify changes and their effects even before you ask.

Keep Up-To-Date

No more out-of-date plugins, missing backups, or years-behind platforms.

Regular upkeep is important, but so is your time; so we've got you covered!

Workflow Automation

We help connect the services you use together, making your workflow faster and easier, and saving you time and money!

Creative Development

We excel at not just "making it work", but making it work WELL and look great too!

Works Everywhere

Mobile web presence is important. We don't treat it like an afterthought. All of your site's pages will look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

What makes us stand out?

We’ve built and worked on sites and development projects of all sizes. Each site is unique, and we learn and grow from each project.

We’ve worked with DOZENS of platforms, have our own hosting and automation servers, and experience connecting most of those platforms AND our own custom code together, to help businesses like yours grow and succeed.

Growing into bigger and better things? 
Ask us about mobile app development to see if it’s right for you!


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Recent Projects

Below are a few screenshots of some recent projects we’ve worked on.


Much like many other products and services, businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Also like some others, it also benefits from ongoing maintenance and care, and optimizations and improvements over time.

Because of the many possibilities and varying requirements of each business, there is no one-size-fits-all cost. We tailor our recommendations for each client based on your individual needs and budget.

Similar to cost (see above question), the time to complete your initial project will vary based on your needs, and this will be included in any discussions and estimates when we plan your project.

For many small businesses, although an initial project may be completed in only a month or two, we become long-term partners helping make ongoing improvements for years to come.

Workflow automation allows us to help you reduce or eliminate  repetitive tasks from your business flow.

Some examples:

  • Sending website form submissions to the right person initially rather than forwarding emails by hand.
  • Automatically sending signups or new contacts into your marketing platform
  • Forwarding e-commerce orders to a fulfillment center automatically.
  • Triggering actions in your marketing platform based on interactions on your website.

As with other aspects of our business, our job is to help make YOUR job easier and work better for you, so automations are tailored to your needs.

For fixed projects requiring under 30 days to complete, we generally collect 50% up front and 50% upon completion.

For ongoing clients, we generally invoice our clients 1-2 times per month depending on project size.

Our Clients

We have some of the best clients we could hope for! Are you a good fit to work with us? See what some of our clients have to say below.

Wendy B.

Vice President / AWT Construction

"David's ability to take an abstract vision and make it a reality is amazing. David guides you through every aspect of website creation, updating, and ongoing maintenance. Our website looks incredible and he was able to integrate everything we wanted, and more. His attention to detail, customer service and care is unparalleled. I have since used him for our sister company and cannot believe how easy it was to redesign and rebrand with David."


Shereen T.

CEO / Awaken The Rebel

"David is hands down the best. I have never worked with anyone on my website who was not only able to take care of things so quickly but who could foresee problems and come up with solutions before I even realize they exist. He is highly dependable, extremely efficient, and incredibly skilled at what he does. If you get a chance to work with him, take it. I highly recommend him."


Jen M.

Owner & Founder / Cancer Champions

“David has been an incredible webmaster to work with, from planning out the site, to the buildout, to constant updates and modifications. He also does a great job offering solutions and alternatives as we built out a complicated site. I am thrilled with our website and all the integrations and functionalities included. We couldn’t do this without him."


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