Business Profile Strategic Management

Local Business Growth Package

Does your business rely on local traffic?




Elevate your local business presence with our “Business Profile Strategic Management” package, expertly designed to amplify your visibility in the community and draw more local customers to your doorstep. Our services not only boost your online profile, but also strengthen your connection with the local market, ensuring your business becomes a familiar and trusted name.

What's Included

Weekly Google Business Profile Post

Engage your local community with regular updates on new services, hours, staff, showcases, offers, and more!

White-Labelled Review Management

Timely, professional responses to all reviews, enhancing your local reputation without you needing to manage online tools.

Invitation Request System

Simplified process for requesting reviews via a personalized URL, increasing both quantity of local feedback and your average rating.

Automatic Review Requests

Automated review request emails with personalized follow-ups to boost your customer engagement.

Minor Updates/Support

Up to one hour of additional updates/changes per month, ensuring your profile remains a robust and up-to-date tool for attracting local business.

Benefits for your Business

  • Strengthen Local Engagement

    Regular, relevant updates keep your local audience informed and engaged. Higher engagement rates mean better visibility on user searches.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

    Automated and managed review systems transform customer feedback into a positive loop of local support and satisfaction.

  • Increased Local Visibility

    More reviews and an actively managed business profile boost your visibility and credibility within the local community, leading directly to more visitors at your business.

  • Save Time on Management

    We take care of the details, allowing you more time to focus on serving your clients, not managing technical tools.

Revenue Growth Calculator

While there’s no easy way to know exactly how many new customers you get directly from local results, higher rankings on google when people are searching, and higher ratings for your business, help bring in more clients, keep clients happy, and keep clients coming back for more.

Use the calculator below to estimate the added revenue you could have from improvements to your Google Business Profile.


New Revenue added EVERY Month:

Estimated Projected Revenue Growth

Even with conservative estimates, adding this additional revenue can make a big difference in a short time.

  • 3 Months: $500
  • 6 Months: $1000
  • 12 Months: $2000

You read that right. In only 12 months, that could add an average of $2400 per month to your revenue.

The above calculations are based on client value per month, with a total of 24 new customers in a year's time. Though these are just estimates based on your inputs, the potential for your business' growth can be incredible!

Are You READY to grow?

After signup, you will receive an invitation email to a 45-min. introductory call, where we will discuss all items needed to get started.

Detailed Breakdown

Want to learn more? Read on to see how it all works below..



Starting with an introductory call, we first discuss strong/weak points, and set up shared access, and lay out items needed to effectively manage your reviews.

During this call, we review the process and timeline to get you up and running as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Invitation Request System

Once the initial pieces are set up, we then build and host an review invitation system for your employees to use, which allows you to quickly and easily request personalized reviews from your customers at any time.



Automated Review Requests

Next comes the review request itself. When you request the invitation to be sent, an automated email is sent to your customer asking them for their feedback. 

For negative feedback, we request they reach out to you for support. For positive feedback, we direct them to leave a review on your business profile. 

This effectively increases both your review count and your average rating, and ensures you are getting more actionable feedback from your customers.

Review Management

When you receive reviews on your profile, we respond on your behalf as your customer service representative, (based on your guidance). This high level of engagement also helps to boost your profile.



Weekly Profile Updates

Keeping your information and hours up to date, promoting your business with special offers, highlighting new employees, showcasing your services and events, and more! 

With up to an hour per month of periodic updates included with your plan, you can be sure to keep your new and current customers up-to-date.

Ok, I'm in!

After signup, you will receive an invitation email to a 45-min. introductory call, where we will discuss all items needed to get started.